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In beauty Parlour : Hi, my name is Rupali kumari. I belong to a poor family wherein my father is a cobbler and my mother works as maid. When my elder sister was getting married, my family didn’t have enough money to call a beautician for her. She was looking as she looked on normal days. We had tears in our eyes but we were helpless. After few days, we came to know about Regional Art Society who provides free beauty parlour training. I joined the organisation where I had not got training only in beauty parlour but also gone through different training program which boosted me. Now, I am running my own parlour as well as giving training to the needy girls. Now, my mother doesn’t have to work as maid and we are living prestigious life. This change has just been possible due to Regional Art Society.

In tailoring and hand embroidery : Hi , This is Ashiya Perween. I belong to a village called Bitho Sharif. My father passed away when I was 6, so I couldn’t study due to lack of money. I and my mother started to stitch fall in saris and that was only the source of income, but that was not enough to earn our livelihood. Then we came to know about Regional art society who provide free training in tailoring and hand embroidery. I got a new hope in my dark life. I joined and started the training. Now, I’m stitching designer blouses, petticoat, cushion cover, table clothes and doing hand embroidery to make it unique. Now I have trained my mother as well and started my own shop. Thanks to Regional Art Society for changing my life.

In computer : Hello, my name is Gunjan kumari. I haven’t seen my parents when I came to this world, I used to stay with my uncle, It always came’s in my mind that after graduation I should not be depend on anyone anymore, I start collecting the information, but I had limited scope because I am staying in a small town, and computer field is one of the best option to earn the livelihood but I don’t have enough money to pursue the computer education, I was not able to sleep properly when I think about my future, then I came to know about Regional Art Society who is providing training on computer, tally and accounting, It show new ray of hope. I joined the Organisation and completed my training. Now I’m working as data entry operator and earning 8000 per month. Now my life has changed. Now I’m not more dependent on anyone.

Hello, Myself Avinash Kumar, and I am software engineer, before starting I will say one true incident.Once in the evening I went for buying mangoes with my wife and suddenly I found Rs 60 in the road, At first instance I thought “chalo aaj ka mangoes free ho gaya”. Then my wife suggested me why not to give this money to some needy person. Suddenly I flashed back and I remember that 1hours ago I bought banana And I asked that lady, why you are not keeping other fruits except banana. She has a pleasant smile in her face and told that she doesn’t have enough money to buy other fruits, whole day she works as maid and in the evening she get some time, so she want to utilize those time to earn some extra money, so that she can feed better food for their child.Then I realized life is not that easy. The moment I put forward my hand to give that 60 rupees to her, I can see the happiness in her eyes.Then I thought, we are so selfish, that we think about ourselves, our EMI, family and bla..bla..bla..We know our family are important for us and we can’t ignore them but at the same moment we can become helping hand to those needy people by contributing some portion of our money. Then I decide to help such needy person, then I came to know about Regional Art society who work for such needy people. Now I am contributing my 2 days salary of every month to this organization. I am not contributing to just help to those needy people but when I will face the mirror, I can say that I have done something in my life.

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